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Who Are We ?

DATAERA is the fruit of the meeting between complementary and experienced partners.
Different personalities and backgrounds with a passion for innovation and the desire to make analysis of complex data.
Joined by a team of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts, DATAERA works by keeping its customers at the heart of its concerns.


More than ever, data can create business value. companies want to improve their skills on large data subjects and / or be supported to make the most of all their data.
Open Data and Big Data tools are more and more powerful and accessible financially. However, their use remains limited due to their complexity and the variety of solutions.
Many Data projects never go into production. Currently, many Data projects are struggling to demonstrate their added value in production. In question, the scaling, the quality of the data and the difficulty of current organizations to deal with cross-functional opportunities in the business and IT.

Best game changing consulting services turning your data into a competitive advantage.

Business Goals

Smart solutions helping our customers win their business battles and achieve their goals.

Business Growth

New starategies and powerful solutions leading your business to reach greatness.

All In One Solutions

  • Big Data Consulting
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Data Analytics

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